Rehoboth Classical Christian Academy

We invite you and your family to join us at Rehoboth Classical Christian Academy! We are excited to offer a quality education that will prepare your children to think critically, equip them with a biblical worldview, and instill in them a love of learning.

Classical Christian education is growing in popularity. Today, the Association of Classical Christian Schools is among the largest associations of private Christian schools in the country, and the Rehoboth Classical Christian Academy is actively pursuing accreditation through ACCS for the 2023-2024 school year.

What is Classical Christian Education?

Classical Christian Education is a time-tested educational system which:

  • establishes a biblical worldview (Paideia)
  • incorporates methods based on natural phases of student development
  • cultivates the seven Christian Virtues
  • trains student reasoning through the Trivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric)
  • interacts with the historical Great Books

Classically educated children love to learn

From the beginning, the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) has been engaging our world. We study all things, using scripture as an interpretive lens. Music, art, entertainment, culture, history, science, and much more is within our scope. We “pillage the Egyptians,” in the words of Augustine, by reclaiming all earthly treasures in subjection to Christ. You might see students debating environmental law, or considering excellence in pop music, or studying the insights of Steven Hawking. We promote learning that is Christ centered, but not isolated from the world and the culture around us. Ultimately, this approach led to the position Christianity once had in culture.

  • Theology is the queen of knowledge:  We begin with the biblical principle that every experience, every skill, every idea, all knowledge, and every creation is only understood in the context of God and His nature.
  • Education is the cultivation of virtue:  We teach children to think well (Intellectual Virtues), we train them to lead (Cardinal Virtues), we transform them with a love of goodness (Moral Virtues), we train them to be winsome as they write and speak with eloquence (Rhetorical Virtues), we deepen their knowledge of God, history, and our world (the Virtue of Wisdom) and we immerse them in a Christian view of all things.
  • Students appreciate and reflect Truth, Goodness and Beauty:  These three qualities are the measure of everything in God’s creation. Our students appreciate these things around them and seek to reflect these things in their lives.
  • We do all these things to the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ:  Our ultimate mission is the cultivation of students as worshipers.

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