Global Disciple-Making

Missions is global disciple-making. In fact, missions is just another way of saying that God desires that people from all generations and all nations follow Jesus Christ as His disciples, and He has chosen to work through these disciples to accomplish His mission.

When followers of Jesus live intentionally and with gospel purpose, they live missionally. A true disciple of Jesus Christ seeks to glorify God by displaying and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ at home, in the community, and around the world. Being on mission begins in prayer for people of all generations and all nations to be transformed by the gospel and become followers of Jesus. It also means aligning our personal resources (our time, our talents, and our finances) with God’s purposes to make disciples globally.

At Rehoboth, we want to be followers of Jesus that live intentional and purposeful lives that impact our world with the good news of Jesus Christ, starting in our own homes, communities, and city of Atlanta. Our intention is to make disciples, start new churches, and share globally the good news of life in Jesus. Won’t you join us in this journey?