NOW FREE for Qualifying Students! See the “CARES Act” section below!

The Rehoboth Virtual Learning Academy (RVLA) has been established to help those parents and caretakers who need a positive and safe alternative for their K-8 grade children this fall. RVLA will provide your child with a supervised environment where he or she can complete their schoolwork virtually, with supervision and companionship.

RVLA facilitators will not provide educational instruction, but will be present at all times to ensure children are on task and to supervise extracurricular activities. Facilitators will provide a safe and nurturing learning environment while following the daily schedule set by each school district and RVLA’s Director. Facilitators will also ensure students complete all assignments and will connect with parents regarding progress, engagement, and learning.

RVLA’s Fee Structure

  • before care (7:00 to 8:15a.m.): $35/week
  • school day (8:15a.m. to 2:15p.m.): $100/week
  • after care (2:15 to 6:00p.m.): $60/week
  • full day (7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.): $180/week

Tuition Includes

  • breakfast (before care only)
  • lunch
  • snack (after care only)
  • activities (chapel, games, independent reading, art, free play, etc.)


Each month will need to be paid in advance. Once paid, the monthly tuition is non-refundable. Payments can be made online with Tuition Express or by check. Please make checks out to Rehoboth Preschool Academy. You can enroll in Tuition Express, our tuition payment portal, by filling out the form included in the application packet.


The city of Tucker is making CARES Act funds available to provide virtual learning support for qualifying families. As such, the RVLA school day and after care will be free for those who qualify (before care fees would still apply). If a child attends a city of Tucker school or a parent/guardian lives or works in the city of Tucker, please provide the supporting documentation when you submit your application packet.

  1. Residency in city of Tucker – provide one of the following proofs:
    • Government issued ID with residency in the city limits of Tucker
    • Current utility bill or lease in the name of the parent or legal guardian with an address in the city limits of Tucker
  2. Child’s enrollment in a city of Tucker school:
    • Provide a copy of a current student ID card in the name of the student issued for one of the schools in the Tucker Cluster
  3. Parent/Guardian works in the city of Tucker – provide one of the following proofs:
    • A letter on business letterhead from an employer with an address in the city limits of Tucker confirming the parent or legal guardian is employed by said company.
    • A pay stub or paycheck stub to the parent or legal guardian from a business with an address in the city limits of Tucker.

SOLVE Scholarship

The State of Georgia is offering the SOLVE scholarship, which helps eligible families cover the cost of virtual learning. Check out the eligibility requirements and apply!

Register today!

If you would like to register your child(ren), please fill out the application packet in full and return it to Mollita Clark (mollitaclark@rehoboth.org) as soon as possible. Note the packet includes 3 forms: RVLA registration application; RVLA parental agreement; and Tuition Express form.