Relationship Care

March 14 – May 23

Led by David & Lynn Bradford

All of us experience challenging relationships with family or friends. The challenge is how to navigate these relationships in a way that demonstrates the love of Christ, loving them well and wisely. Our brokenness makes relationships difficult, but the gospel gives us practical steps forward and the power to change.

Some relationships include the challenging dynamics of substance abuse or mental health struggles. Other relationships are strained by the simple differences among people which everyone both experiences and contributes with what they bring to the party. Yet at either extreme, or somewhere in between, we find real help for all our relationships.

This 10-week class provides an interactive forum to learn and apply the wisdom of Scripture to our specific relationships. The format will include instructor teaching and small-group discussion and interaction. The instructor led, small-group interaction offers a confidential and non-judgmental opportunity to share your experiences and learn from the wisdom of others.