RCCA Tuition and Fees

The following tuition structure will be in place for the school year 2022-2023. Please be aware that timely tuition payment is necessary for your child to remain an actively enrolled student at Rehoboth Classical Christian Academy.

Application Fee: $150

Enrollment Fee: $350 before June 1st; $400 after June 1st

THE APPLICATION FEE AND ENROLLMENT FEE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Once we receive these fees, we will reserve a seat for the student at Rehoboth Classical Christian Academy. The enrollment fee will be refunded only if the class fills to the maximum number of students and the student does not attend or if the student is not approved for admittance after the interview. The application fee ($150) is not refunded for any reason.

Please read Financial Commitment Statement carefully.

JANUARY: Enrollment opens. Priority is given to students currently enrolled. New applicants may submit application forms which will be ordered according to the application date; applications are held until February 1 when interviews for new students will begin to be scheduled. Preference for interviews will be given to those prospective students that submit application forms with the earliest date.

FEBRUARY 15: New student interviews will begin to be scheduled on February 15. Once a student completes the interview and is approved for admission, the student will be given a seat in his/her class. Newly approved applicants will be placed in classes where there is space according to the order of date of receipt of application. Students approved for enrollment will be placed on a waiting list when their assigned class is already full.

2022-2023 TUITION

Kindergarten – Half Day (noon dismissal)$4,600
Kindergarten- Full day$8,000
1st & 2nd Grades$8,700
3rd & 4thGrades$9,500
5th Grade$9,700
6th – 8th Grades$10,900
After Care$3,000

Tuition is all-inclusive, including books, activities, field trips, pictures, and yearbooks.

2022-2023 FEES

Application Fee$150
Enrollment Fee Enrollment (after June 1st)$350 ($400)
Technology Fee$250

2022-2023 DISCOUNTS

Rehoboth Church Family MemberNon-Rehoboth Member2nd Child3rd Child4th and Subsequent Children
Kindergarten Full Day-$300-$500-$700-$1,000
1st & 2nd Grades-$350-$500-$700-$1,000
3rd & 4th Grades-$400-$500-$700-$1,000
5th Grade-$425-$500-$700-$1,000
6th – 8th Grades-$450-$500-$700-$1,000
8th Grade Non-Rehoboth Member discount if enrolled at in 5th grade or earlier-$450-$450-$500-$700-$1,000
Annual Payment by July 1; annual payment discount applied before other discounts5%5%5%5%5%

The discounts above do not apply to fees. Families receiving tuition assistance or scholarships do not qualify for any additional assistance.

Monthly tuition payment is based on a ten-month plan of monthly payments beginning on August 1, allowing for re-enrollment and continuing until the 10th payment. Payment should be made no later than the first day of each month for 10 months. There will be a $75 late fee for all payments not received by the first day of the month. There are two payment options: (1) Payment by auto draft or (2) payment by check. Checks are required to be received in the office on or before the 1st of the month to avoid a late fee. Delays in payment due to postal service issues or other reasons will not exempt the late payment fee.

Should you have any questions, please email RCCA@rehoboth.org.